Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil

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The Nose Knows….                                       

In need of a total body reset?  A few drops of Nasya Oil will purify your internal being and renew your body’s natural energy.

Nasya oil is an Ayurvedic cleansing solution for nasal passageways. It allows for the flow of Prana, the life force.  Daily use of Nasya oil will lubricate the sinuses and nasal passageways to relieve tension in the mind and body. 

Benefits of Nasya oil: 

⁃Strengthens voice quality 

⁃Allows for increased awareness and concentration

⁃Improves vision

⁃Cleanses the mind for clarity and stress relief

⁃Promotes the flow of Prana throughout the body 


The importance of Prana:

Prana comes from the traditional Indian system of medicine and is the life force in and around us, entering our bodies through breathing.  When our nasal passageways are blocked, mental fogginess can set in. Nasya oil works to soothe and clear the nasal passageways to allow Prana to flow freely throughout the mind and body. 

How to use: Either tilt head back and place 3 drops in each nostril and sniff, or put a little in the palm of your hand, and use your pinky finger to apply to the inside of each nostril.

*Caution: Do not use while pregnant, or during a cold, flu, or sinus infection.

Ingredients: Sesame oil, olive oil, brahmi, calamus, skullcap, eucalyptus essential oil

*Certified organic

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