I’ve gotten really into wallpaper over the last year or so. I grew up with wallpaper of course, having been born in the 70’s, and then became very enamored of the clean look of paint. But working on a recent design project inspired me to look up wallpaper, partly to see if I could find any great patterns for my project (an interpretation of Provencal style – more on that later), and partly because I was interested in trying to locate the wallpaper of my childhood bedroom, a bright floral paper that I had loved.

No luck finding that particular wallpaper, but I did find many other very beautiful papers, and I was hooked. I ended up using four different wallpapers for various rooms in the home I was designing, and have visions of future wallpaper projects. A new favorite company of mine is Osbourne and Little, who carry gorgeous papers. I love immersing myself in color and pattern, and I can get lost in their website. The possibilities are endless.