The Story Behind Artisanal Being

Hospitality, health, and Oprah. This is the trinity that begat Artisanal Being. I’ve always been drawn to and have worked in the fields of hospitality and healthcare, working at my mother’s inn, at my father’s medical office. I worked in hospitals and restaurants. I did event planning, and went to graduate school to become a clinical psychologist. And since its beginning, I was a huge fan of Oprah’s Favorite Things - the section in her magazine, for sure, but especially the huge Christmas giveaway show that was such an enormous production. Talk about event planning on a grand scale.

I’ve always loved seeking out new experiences, beautiful products, hidden gems, hole-in-the-wall places, and I enjoy introducing them to loved ones. I’m also a good listener, and have often found myself listening to people, even if I don’t know them well, hearing their stories. I’ve seen the positive impact that a new find or a willing ear can make. And I’ve seen the benefits that a thoughtfully designed environment, or a well-chosen gift, can have.

I had wondered for a long time how to integrate my multiple fields of interest, and eventually, Artisanal Being was born. A vehicle for me to choose beautiful, meaningful and impactful things that I love, and to share them with people. A thoughtfully designed environment - our website - to help facilitate exploration and learning, and to create a feeling of warmth and welcome that translates to a sense of community and connection. And an opportunity to introduce people to maybe their new favorite thing that will add joy to their lives.