Surrounded by Crystals

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a crystal and gem show, to search for new and unique additions to our inventory in preparation for our upcoming summer season on the Cape. It’s amazing to see so many beautiful raw and polished crystals and gems, to be used for everything from decorating your home to using to make jewelry.

I saw everything from tiny and perfect star sapphires to beautiful rose quartz palm stones, to stunning jaspers, to two-foot-tall amethyst “cathedrals”. I do make it a point personally to surround myself with crystals in my home and workspace, and to wear them whenever possible. They’re not only appealing, but I do find that they have a positive impact on my mood and my energy.

Crystals are often described as having certain energies about them, and are thought to have healing effects, which differ depending on the stone. For example, the picture above is a gorgeous display of labradorite, described as a stone of strength and unity, that helps facilitate increased self-awareness, healing thoughts, and self-discovery.  

We picked up a really stunning selection of crystals and gems to share with you. Please come into the shop once we’re open after Memorial Day weekend to see some of our newest treasures and to experience their different characteristic and qualities for yourself! We also always have resources on hand to describe the crystals in more detail, if you’re interested in learning more about any particular stone. Be well!