Joints Balm

Joints Balm


For both massage therapy and home care in the treatment of painful, stiff joints associated with high vata, cold weather, osteoarthritis and repetitive stress injury.

How to use at home:

Apply the joints balm to your joints, massging in circular strokes.

Next, take either a hot shower or bath, and let the warmth of the water help the balm penetrate more deeply. Don’t wash it off.

Apply a little more at bedtime and let it work while you sleep.

Ingredients: 100% organic Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil, New Zealand or German pesticide-free wildcrafted beeswax and honey cappings infused with boswellia cateri, boswellia serrata, and sweet orange

Small batch, handcrafted. Toxin-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free.